It's Not Personal - Letting Go and Gaining an Island (eBook)

It's Not Personal - Letting Go and Gaining an Island (eBook)

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By Chris Roland


It is a great, great work, from a big heart and a wonderful pen able to achieve depths of life and soul. I loved it! It’s Not Personal must be considered as a book of great and powerful social impact.

Mirta – Rome, Italy


A relentless, witty, and soul finding read you can’t put down.

Bonnie – Johannesburg South Africa


Just finished Chris’ book and I feel so incredibly humbled and inspired, angry and frustrated, proud and speechless. Chris’ story really resonated with me. Thank you for your courage, kindness, and passion.

Julie – Victoria Australia


I couldn’t believe how much the author suffered and was transformed by such an ordeal. His resilience is inspiring.

Tamsin – Los Angeles USA


Kudos for facing all the challenges. The entertainment business and the world has lots of miserable people and their actions are evidence of this daily. Chris has plenty of spirit, but also a soul that endured much and rose above it all.

John – Los Angeles USA